Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Collection of Rings from Jewelry Creators Unite in Numbers

I made another collection on Artfire featuring the members of the newest Guild around!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Woman's Work is Never Done...

Well, not by me, generally speaking. Except today. Today I had to do HOUSEWORK!

I wanted to do the ironing. I think "wanted" is the wrong word there. Perhaps "needed" would be better. We were about to run out of clothes to wear. I looked at the floor and the layers of dust on it. And the balls of fluff. "I can't do my ironing with that there!" I sighed. You know how things you're ironing sometimes end up draping on the floor. So I found the cupboard with the cleaning stuff in it - took me a few minutes. I recognised the broom after a while and found I actually remembered how to wield it!

"I'll just sweep up this bit" I said to myself. Of course, once I started sweeping, I couldn't seem to let go of the broom handle! It lead me into the lounge and then the kitchen and then the bedroom......

Then I noticed the dust on the sideboard, the dining table, the coffee table, etc. A couple of candles had melted all over the mantelpiece. (We have a lot of power cuts here - candles are essential). Then, of course, I had to vacuum up all the dust, crumbs and other unidentified detritus gathered in the middle of the room. THEN I did the ironing!

I'm not supposed to be doing housework. I have an official quote from my dear husband. "I don't expect you to do housework. You're far too busy!"

My heart leapt when I heard that!  Silly me, I assumed it meant that he would be taking over this onerous task himself! He does it when he feels like it, for which I can't blame him. I very rarely feel like it! The annoying thing is, he tells everybody that he's better at housework than I am. No, he's not better at it, he's just faster! Which means he misses bits. When I clean, I CLEAN! Which is why it would take me all day to do one room. He does the whole house in two hours and ignores the little areas he doesn't consider important.  The total inability to see dirt is hard wired into the male psyche!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jewellery Creators United in Numbers - A new Guild on Artfire!

There is a new Guild on the block! Us girlies (and chaps) who make jewellery are extremely well represented out there in cyberspace. In fact, there are so many of us that being found is a big problem! Some of us on Artfire have banded together to address this issue. Our revered founder and fellow jewellery maker, is Yini of RedRubyonFire. She is encouraging us all to promote ourselves and each other in order to raise our collective profiles on the net.

I shall regularly be featuring the stunning jewellery of my fellow Guild members on this blog, whilst also doing a bit of shameless self promotion!

I took a wander through the Guild Roster and picked five studios at random to showcase for you today.

First up is Catherine of ShadowDogDesigns
Pink Rhodochrosite Earrings

Next we have Tina & Tammy of EntwinedVines

Burnt Orange Lampwork Necklace

And then I found the fancy wire work of ArtisticPendants

Turquoise Pendant

Who is next? Well, look at this from LindaLandigJewelry!

Silver Flower Necklace

One more and then it's my turn! Here is something from CricketCreekDesigns

Berry Necklace

And this is mine from my Bluetina Studio!
Please go and have a look at these artisans' Studios - you will be impressed, I guarantee!

I'll bring you some more very soon.

Happy New Year!

I know it's a bit late! It's nearly February already!

Toothache disappeared by the way. I had to use my best Spanish to ring and cancel the appointment at the dentist. It never came back either. Very strange!

Hopefully, I shall be posting a little more regularly from now on. I have joined two new Guilds on Artfire which will keep me busy! More of that in the next post which follows almost immediately!