Thursday, November 24, 2011

Stepping Stones Revisited.....

I do these posts for Jewelry Creators Unite in Numbers sporadically - some might say eratically! I start with one of my own pieces and then connect it to the next, belonging to a guild member. Sometimes the connections are pretty tenuous! You might have to use your imagination a bit.

I stuck a metaphorical pin in my Bluetina studio and came up with these Blue Flower Earrings:

The obvious connection here is flowers and I found this Multiple Strand Pearl Necklace in the studio of PersonalOasis:

Pearls next, I think! Oh yes, I found this gorgeous leather and pearl wrap bracelet in PinkSunsetJewelry's studio:

That means leather next. I think I know just where to go for that! WildCatLeather, obviously! How about this leather and turquoise heart pendant from her studio?

Now, hearts or turquoise....turquoise or hearts? 

I plumped for turquoise. I spotted this lovely turquoise beaded necklace in epicetera's studio. It's got a bird on it. Guess what might be coming up?

Yep, it's a bird! Linda Landig obliged with this one. This is her ceramic bird pendant:

One more. Every bird must have a nest! Even a turquoise pearl and sterling silver one!  This is from the studio of Windy's Designs:

There, I finished. This is so much easier now that the Guilds on Artfire have been rebuilt. I can search for whatever I want. Love it!

Neglecting my duties...

Oh dear, last post on this blog was 30th September!

I am not sure where the last six weeks went, only that they did......and in somewhat of a blur. I still managed to collect another follower though. How I managed that while looking the other way, I'll never know.

I'm going to post something right now! A little post for Jewellery Creators Unite in Numbers Guild on Artfire, I think.

See you in a minute.....