Friday, August 31, 2012


What a wonderful word that is! My spell checker says it isn't really a word at all but we'll ignore her.

It happens to be the collective name of some friends of mine who, like me, sell their stuff on line. I'm going to showcase one of their products every now and then, just because I can!

Ceramic Fish Dish

This lovely little fishy dishy is from Desert Arts Pottery on Etsy.  Anything ceramic and colourful, Dana is your girl!

Go on - give her a look. You'll love it!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Look! Vintage!

I love vintage clothing. Strictly speaking, it doesn't even have to be vintage. Everybody knows I acquired most of my wardrobe from charity shops!

But this lady sells the real thing! She has two shops on Etsy, Bette Be Good and Bette's Bargains.

I had a good rummage and these are some of the retrospective lovelies I found:

1930s Red Tilt Hat

They were very, very fond of hats in the thirties and forties. No self respecting lady would go out in public without one.

Green Satin 50s Vintage Sandals

Sex kitten sandals from the fifties! I can't really imagine my Mum wearing these but she probably would have!

Vintage 1970s Sundress

In the seventies, I used to wear dresses like this one. I still can't get my head round the idea of the 70s being "a period". 

Aviator Style Sunglasses from the 80s

And, as for the eighties! That was yesterday, wasn't it? I love these sunglasses! Do you think they'd suit me?

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Want some beads?

Silly question! Of course you do. My friend Cindy has a lovely shop on Etsy where she sells all sorts of delicious beads and findings. It's called Beacon Beads. Here are just a few samples to whet your appetite!

Red Coral Petal Shape Beads

Tibetan Metal Beads

These are pretty!

Tubular Lampwork Beads
Silver Plated Fluted Bead Cap

Cindy also makes lovely jewellery and sells it in her other Etsy shop, CCTexan 3.

I think she used some of those coral petals for this bracelet:

Coral Petals Bracelet

This is beautiful and bold!

Turquoise Magnesite Necklace

And this - wow!

Gold Vintage Chains Necklace

Go over for a visit! There's plenty more where they came from.


Monday, August 20, 2012

An accidental discovery.....

As you are all aware, I talk about photography a lot. It's a very important subject and some would say I am obsessed by it. (But we don't take any notice of them....)

One's photography must be of the highest quality to attract on line buyers, don't you agree? I've been working on mine for years. Every time I change the way I do things I am satisfied, nay, smug even - for a short while. Then I see my pictures juxtaposed with others of such perfection it makes you want to cry and I am downcast and demoralised, yet again.

I have previously mentioned "the big lamp", haven't I? That 500W halogen monstrosity that lurks in the corner of my work room. After my last exhaustive round of research on the subject, I came to the conclusion that more light was the answer. More light than you can shake a big stick at. Well, the 500W bulb blew the other day, right in the middle of a very productive session with the ancient digital. Master of procrastination that I am, no replacement bulb had yet been procured. It was also a national holiday so popping down to Huercal-Overa to buy one was out of the question. "Don't panic!" says Bryn. "I have a 150W bulb in the garage. It's better than nothing."

Better than nothing? Bloody hell, it was better than anything! I had been having trouble with my white balance (as you do) and there were still too many shadows evident after editing. The new bulb evened everything out and produced my best photographs, to date. Well, until the next time!

This is an example of an image of which I had been quite proud, until now:

Sapphire & Silver Bangle

But look at this!

Silver spiral earrings

and this!

gold chain fringe necklace

and these!

carnelian lampshade earrings

I think I really am getting there! Mind you, I said that last time!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Got a dog?

I have no dog. I'm not even owned by a cat. That doesn't stop me appreciating a good idea for pet lovers when I see one!

My friend Linda has a shop on Etsy, BarLee Creations, where she sells her clever, needlepoint crate tags and matching pet and owner jewellery. I didn't know boxer dogs were made in so many different styles!

These are all boxer dogs!

Don't have a boxer? Perhaps you have an Irish Setter, then? 

Irish Setter Crate Tag

Or even an Alaskan Malamute! (No, I've never seen one, either!)

Alaskan Malamute Crate Tag

Not satisfied with over a hundred different breeds of crate tag, Linda goes further and creates her own brand of coordinating jewellery for pets and their owners. Look at these!

This set is called Moon Goddess!

I love this design - I wish I'd thought of it!

Gemstone Ladder Set

This is one of my favourites - Yin and Yang!

Yin and Yang Set

If you have a special relationship with your canine chum, visit Linda's shop and choose something you'll both love!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Hot, hot, hot......

I just thought I'd inform you that it is 42 degrees in the shade here today. That's hot! We have all the windows closed and the shutters down and the fans going.

My dear husband and I chose this day to do all the housework. I seriously doubt our sanity sometimes.

Obligatory photo:

Kyanaite and Sterling Silver Necklace

Completely off the subject but I've got to squeeze another few back links in somewhere!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Featuring 3 Cedars Jewelry!

I belong to a lovely team of ladies (and gents!) on Etsy and we call ourselves "The Tarts". Don't ask - if I told you I'd have to kill you.

We are all very supportive of each other and regularly promote each others shops on Facebook, Pinterest, Wanelo and Twitter. Every week we concentrate specifically on just one of our members so I thought a feature each week would help keep my blog from shrivelling up from disuse and help somebody else into the bargain! This week it's the turn of the lovely Lyn from 3 Cedars Jewelry.

Lyn is a bit like me in the fact that she displays many different styles of jewellery in her Etsy shop.  She has managed to build up an awe inspiring inventory of 153 items so I have plenty to choose from!

This is one of my favourites:

Natural Agate Hearts Bracelet

Lyn is also into wire wrapping:

Grey Agate & Quartz Pendant

I think this bracelet is beautiful, and it has matching earrings!

Turquoise & Sterling Silver Bracelet & Earrings

Lyn also makes a mean pair of earrings! I love these:

Purple Ruby Sterling Silver Earrings

I hope you enjoyed that little meander through Lyn's Etsy shop. Next week, I'll be featuring someone else - I wonder who it will be?