Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday, 31st July....

Hello again!

I am gratified to see that some people are reading this blog. I've had a few comments!

We popped up to our friends' house for drinks and nibbles last night. They had invited their next door neighbours who were over on holiday. I came over all domesticated and made some sausage rolls with my own fair hands. We sat outside (one of the things I love about living in Spain - you can sit outside at night and be perfectly warm in a summer dress) and nibbled and drank and nibbled and drank until 1 a.m. Went home slightly rat arsed! I had no business feeling as reasonably healthy as I did this morning. Should have had a hangover but I got away with it.

Bryn just got back from doing an airport run to Alicante.  He's gone to bed with a pounding headache.

Sold another buckle off the buckleman web site today. Seven down, eighty nine to go. If anybody is interested, Bryn is selling his collection of German Military belt buckles. He started collecting them when he was fifteen but now they are pension fund!

I've done the ironing and now I'm going to have a go at writing some good descriptions for these earrings I made a few weeks ago, just before I went off for my regular jaunt to the UK.

 Simple sterling silver spirals.
 Copper and haematite earrings.
 Copper wonky heart earrings with Swarovski crystals.
 Sterling silver large oval hoops with Mother of Pearl.
Sterling silver wonky hearts with red glass heart beads.

Some will be listed in bluetina and some in bluetinatoo. Not sure which ones yet.

See you later!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Jewelry Creators Unite in Numbers

I have searched at random through the guild roster to spot unusual items from our members.

Blessed Bea Prayer Beads
Pagan prayer beads from Srega Jewellry. I haven't seen those before!

Midnight Blue Earrings
I love these beauties from Pretty Gonzo! Lovely photograph, too!

6 Strand Jade Necklace
This multi strand Jade necklace from JillsJewelry is rather luxurious!

Hot Pink Bracelet
Just look at the colour of these beads that personaloasis has used in this bracelet!

Sterling Silver Paua Shell Necklace
Epicetera has certainly gone to town on this one! Absolutely gorgeous!

Silver & Copper Shoulder Sweepers

And here is one of mine from my bluetinatoo studio. I discovered I could tilt the tripod!

Saturday, 30th July....

We were supposed to go up to the bar last night.  I haven't been seen in so long, all our friends think Bryn has committed murder and buried me under the patio. I still haven't been up to the bar - somebody turned the water off and I couldn't have a shower.

Water back on this morning, showered, dressed and popped into town for some essentials.  Shabby Sheep nearly ran me out of printer paper!

Going round to Alan & Christine's for drinks and nibbles tonight. At least they'll be able to vouch for my continued existence!

Off to do my blog post for JCUIN!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Catching up....

This blog and I have not been getting along. I have been ignoring it, mainly because I haven't the foggiest idea what to blog about.

I was advised to start blogging by the people at Artfire.  It's supposed to increase traffic in one's shop by way of back links raising one's standing with Google. I think I understand that. What they want, though, is content and lots of it. Said content is supposed to be relevant. Relevant to my jewellery making, I suppose. Well, relevant is relative. I can't post anything about jewellery making yet because I haven't had the time to make any!

Also, since very few, if any, people actually read this blog, I have decided to post something here every day and treat it like a diary of sorts.  I'm talking to myself and there is nothing inherently wrong with that if it helps to sort my mind out.

I see the last post I did was about the Pisa weekend. Since then I have been to the UK for three weeks, come back with a really nasty cold and caught up with the bookkeeping for Shabby Sheep Boutique. That's my future daughter-in-law's shop in Brightlingsea, Essex.  Between them, Sheryl and my son, Ben, have four children.  Their life is hectic, to say the least.

This is Faye
This is Ethan

This is Thomas

And this is Alex
Opening a gift shop like Shabby Sheep in the middle of a recession is a very brave thing to do but it does seem to be going very well.  Sheryl is very quick to spot an opportunity and move the way her customers would like her to go.  Fish pedicures seem to be all the rage at the moment and she now has two tanks that would appear to be full of feet all week! Getting all the paperwork sorted was a Herculean task what with them being in England and me being in Spain but we got there in the end. Thank God for the internet, skype, scanners, drop boxes and the like. You really can do things at a distance now!

Now that Shabby Sheep is up to date, I can concentrate on Bluetina and Bluetinatoo.  I have more jewellery to make. I have more blogging to do. I have Facebook to keep up with.  I am trying not to think about Twitter but I'm probably going to do it. I have to do something about my descriptions - Google keep moving the goalposts on SEO so I'm not being found so often. I must remember to upload all my photos to Flickr. I must keep up with my obligations to Jewelry Creators Unite in Numbers, the Guild I belong to on Artfire. I have a list about three feet long of all the things I have to do. 

Well, I'm not going back to the UK until October so I have two whole months! Let us see what I can accomplish in that time. As it is very nearly the end of July, the next thing is a blog post for JCUIN. 

See you later!