Thursday, August 30, 2012

Look! Vintage!

I love vintage clothing. Strictly speaking, it doesn't even have to be vintage. Everybody knows I acquired most of my wardrobe from charity shops!

But this lady sells the real thing! She has two shops on Etsy, Bette Be Good and Bette's Bargains.

I had a good rummage and these are some of the retrospective lovelies I found:

1930s Red Tilt Hat

They were very, very fond of hats in the thirties and forties. No self respecting lady would go out in public without one.

Green Satin 50s Vintage Sandals

Sex kitten sandals from the fifties! I can't really imagine my Mum wearing these but she probably would have!

Vintage 1970s Sundress

In the seventies, I used to wear dresses like this one. I still can't get my head round the idea of the 70s being "a period". 

Aviator Style Sunglasses from the 80s

And, as for the eighties! That was yesterday, wasn't it? I love these sunglasses! Do you think they'd suit me?


  1. Got to love that hat . . . so French!
    Thank you for sharing, Connie :)

    1. That is a spectacular hat, I must admit!

  2. Love the hat. But I'm so short and round I'm afraid I'd look like a fire plug

    1. Very funny, Becky! I bet your not shorter or rounder than me! LOL

  3. Film-makers are always browsing the internet for vintage pieces (like the hat). Wouldn't that be cool?

    Nice write-up Tina!