Saturday, February 26, 2011

Leading a double life...

I'm sitting here, at my Mum's dining table, with the TV going in one corner, the tumble dryer going in the kitchen behind me, trying to concentrate enough to write this blog post.

It's not easy – my brain doesn't quite know where it is yet, even though I've been here in the UK for five days. I'm typing on an unfamiliar laptop with a deadline because Mum's hairdresser will be arriving soon and they'll need the table.

Later, much, MUCH later.....

I started this blog post nearly three weeks ago. I am now at home, in Spain, typing away contentedly on my own computer. The only noises are the tapping of my fingers on the keyboard, the buzzing of early bees outside the window and the odd “clang” from Bryn's workshop.

It is a beautiful day – lots of sunshine and a temperature of 25 degrees C. Not bad for February! Back in the UK it was bloody freezing until the day I flew home!

I go backwards and forwards between Spain and the UK quite a lot. Three weeks there, six or seven weeks here, three weeks there, four or five weeks here, three weeks there and so on and so on.....

It does play havoc with one's life. Mum bought me a laptop so I could stay in the loop. Each time I visit I have every good intention of writing blog posts, rewriting the jewellery descriptions in my Bluetina studio, keeping up with my Facebook page, etc. but this almost never happens. I even take some tools, wire and beads with me so I can make something. This time, I took the boxes out of my suitcase, put them in the cupboard under the stairs and they were still there, untouched, when I packed again last Thursday.

I did see quite a bit of the grandchildren - I even went to stay with them for one weekend! That was great - I got to read the bedtime story and have lots of cuddles! The rest of the three weeks was spent organising things for my Mum and finding all the things on Bryn's UK shopping list. I swear it gets longer every time! I didn't see half the people I wanted to catch up with and, as you may have noticed, I certainly didn't manage any blogging!

Now I'm home, I have about six weeks to calm down, find out where my head is, stop trying to turn taps on the wrong way and get back into the “making zone”. I know just what will happen. I will have built up a good head of steam and have loads of ideas bubbling up when it will be time to put it all away, pack my bags and do the whole thing over again. Sigh.....

As I didn't manage to make anything, I have no new photos to post here and a blog post does not seem quite complete without a picture or two. You can look at my grandchildren instead!
Thomas and Alex playing the Wii (no batteries for Alex!)


  1. So cute!

    Welcome back home ... I hope you'll get back into your routine quickly :-)

  2. Thanks Cat! They are gorgeous, aren't they? I'm a bit biased, I know! Routine still eluding me at the moment!