Monday, February 28, 2011

A little plug for JCUIN!

As part of my obligations to the Artfire Guild, Jewelry Creators Unite in Numbers, I'm supposed to do a blog post every month to showcase some of the members' wares. As it's now the last day of February, I thought I'd better get on with it!  Leaving things until the last minute is just one of my many talents - and here are another talented bunch!  I went through the list and picked some pieces from people whose methods of creation I aspire to.  Then I put one of mine on the end so you could see the difference!

First up is Sheila Wissner of JewelryArte.  Sheila makes gorgeous silver and enamelled earrings and pendants with the look of stained glass BUT she also makes these lovely, unusual copper bracelets. I would love to learn this technique!

Copper bracelet with dark patina roll printed

Next up is Spiral from the Philippines.  Her wire work is exquisite! Not sure I've got the patience to make something like this yet.
Wire wrapped weave necklace with seed beads

Andrea of ANZJewelryDesign makes these beautiful engraved silver pieces. Definitely beyond me - I probably haven't enough years left to learn this!

Rami Ovali Pendant 

The proprietor (sorry, I don't know her name!) of ArtisticPendants seems to have a steady hand and an eye for detail. Look at this for complicated! Wow!
Enchanted Green Pendant

And here we have the wonderful Gaelic Forge!  Mr. Gaelic Forge makes the jewellery and Mrs. Gaelic Forge runs the shop. Teamwork! This is next on my "to learn" list!
Hand Forged Celtic Earrings with Teal Patina
The nearest I've got to rival any of the above is this:

Black Onyx and Oxidized Copper Necklace and Earrings Set

I have taken quite well to coiling and hammering. Also now into oxidizing! What shall I learn next? Time management, perhaps?

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