Saturday, January 28, 2012

I Sold Something!

This morning, I woke up to a sale in my Artfire studio. This necklace:

and these earrings:

will be off to the USA on Monday morning!

Now I have a decision to make. I was in the process of moving everything over to my Etsy shop and my soon to be launched Bluetina website. Should I stay or should I go?

Will there be more sales or is this just a blip?

Decisions, decisions......


  1. Love your Jewellry Tina!! These are gorgeous. Good luck with your decision...!!!

  2. Interesting dilemma. I'm on Etsy and have been since Dec 21st. I was wondering about Artfire and other one like Zippet. I have a website still and it's a free one. I plan on getting a domain name and debating whether to do wordpress. It wouldn't hurt to stay on Artfire. Have you had a few sales there and how long have you been with them?

    Congrats on your sale, lovely pieces.


  3. Hi Michelle,

    I've had 8 sales in nearly two years, not including destash. I did the sums yesterday and it doesn't look good! I wouldn't recommend AF but I've heard good things about Zibbet.


  4. can't you keep both Tina? it's never good to have all your eggs in one basket, you can never really rely on anything unless you have total control. I was selling on a little website and then at the weekend, got my sales invoices followed by an email saying 'sorry blah blah beyond our control.. closed! And that was it. Site has closed down and they have gone into cyber blackholeness. Your own website is the one you want to throw all your energy into, and keep the others as extras to drive business to yours if you can.
    Good luck - and give that ego of yours a boost - you make gorgeous stuff !!!

  5. Thanks Sue! I've made my decision about AF. I'm ditching it. I'm moving everything over to Etsy and then, when my Supadupa site is ready, I shall import from Etsy the items I want in that shop. I think 2 sites is all I can manage!

  6. Beautiful work, you will do well wherever you land Tina.. Just make sure your customers can check out LOL!!