Sunday, October 7, 2012

Daringly Different!

If the title mystifies you, it is the phrase that Pam from epicetera uses to describe her jewellery!

Pam has a definite style which I admire immensely. Look at this bold necklace!

Turquoise Calsilica Jasper Necklace

Pam can do chunky with panache but also uses delicate pearls to great effect:

Natural Keshi Pearl Necklace

As well as a penchant for the dramatic, Pam also demonstrates a sense of whimsy!

Colorful Stretch Skull Bracelet

Most of all, colour is manipulated with style in Pam's designs. I love these long random necklaces of hers!

48 inch random necklace, mixed pearls

Have a peek at Pam's "About" page to find out more about how she got started!


  1. Beautiful, more great finds! Thanks Tina for introducing more people to another wonderful handmade artist.

  2. Great blog post, Tina. Dashing off to look at Epicetera right now!

  3. Pam's work is stunning! I love her philosophy and her sense of creativity!

  4. Thanks for all the comments, girls!

  5. Have loved Pam's work even before I got to meet her face to face! Now we often shop for beads together since we're nearly neighbors. Great post, Tina!

    1. Ah yes! You live quite close, don't you? I'd love to come over and visit one day!