Saturday, October 13, 2012

You smell nice!!!

This is a comment I look forward to receiving when I have purchased some perfume from my friend, Amanda. She doesn't know it yet but I'm going to! Amanda has a shop on Etsy called EsscentualAlchemy.

My one and only bottle of posh perfume is fast running out and I sincerely doubt that my (otherwise wonderful!) husband will think to buy me another for Christmas. In situations like this, one wishes for a way to smell stuff over the internet. It's a good job Amanda sells samples!

Natural Perfume 6 Luxurious Samples

Amanda also uses some very original and evocative images for her perfume listings. You can almost taste this one!

Orange Cream Natural Perfume

And this one for "Lumberjack Man" definitely says "manly" to me!

Lumberjack Man Natural Eau de Cologne

Amanda also uses images from Tarot cards to great effect:

The Moon Gaian Tarot Natural Perfume

Do go and visit her shop. She does a great job of tempting one to try her wares! While you're there, have a look at her "About" page. Very interesting!


  1. I purchased Amanda's Orange Chocolate Rose perfume unsampled because those are three of my favorite scents. Her descriptions are perfect and I love that she puts the ingredients in the listing. I am thrilled with the perfume....It's divine.

    My next dream is to purchase her multiple samples because I love to try different scents.

    1. That perfume does sound delicious. I'd probably be tempted to drink it!

  2. Very nice blog post (as usual), Tina. Yes, they all sound delicious with these wonderful descriptions!