Saturday, November 3, 2012

Beautiful Bead Crochet....

And here is another skill I haven't the patience to perfect! Nona, of Lanmom Originals, crochets with beads. That's a bit of an understatement really. Just look:

Southwestern Necklace - Sedona Dreams

Nona explains how it is done in some of her listing descriptions: 

"There are four steps to creating a piece of bead crochet rope jewelry. The first step is design, which includes determining the look of the finished product and breaking that pattern down to a straight sequence of beads. The second step is stringing, where each individual bead is strung on thread in the correct sequence. One mistake here will destroy the pattern, so I take great care! The third step is to crochet each of these tiny beads into a beautiful, strong and light bead rope. The fourth and final step is finishing with joins, findings and/or accent beads to complete a lovely and unique piece of jewelry."

Nope, can't do it!

Breast Cancer Awareness Necklace

That is a most beautiful piece of jewellery!

ReCycladelic Pop Top Bracelet

Nona says these are much simpler but they still look mighty complicated to me!

And, to top it all, Nona takes beautiful photographs and makes her own soap!

Lemon Lavender Castile Soap

I'm beginning to feel inadequate, so, for the sake of my ego, I'm stopping there! LOL


  1. Haha, I am with you Tina! My old fingers and eyes don't like those little teensy seedbeads, and I am much too impatient! I love the big, bold stone beads.
    Love your background for this internet is so slow I got to see it for a minute before the white and text came up.
    I will see if I can sign up for your blog.

    1. Hi Susan! Thanks for joining. I chose that background because it sort of went with my banner. I'll be changing banners soon. Might have to revamp the whole blog! If I can figure out what I'm doing!