Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bluetina has a new workshop!

My work space had become a bit messy, to say the least. I mentioned this fact to my dear husband a few days ago and now I have a new workshop! My husband is not a bit like me - he actually gets things done!

This was the space I had to work in - not very big, eh?

Everything was spread around the room which is also our spare bedroom

resulting in lots of messy corners

and too much getting up and down and walking. Mind you, that was probably the only exercise I got!

We hopped in the car on Friday, went down to the local wood shop and bought a length of kitchen work top and the bits needed to fit same.  Came home, had just one cup of coffee and then Bryn set to!

First we cleared the room and moved my desks.

And, what seemed like moments later, the work top had been fitted on top of two pieces of furniture that were already in the room but not efficiently used.

Now, this is MUCH better! Everything I need within reach and plenty of light coming through that window.

All my beads and findings in their little drawers, close to hand!

This desk is now my photography and packing station with my stock box sitting on top.

And this is my computer set up.

And, last but not least, the piece de resistance - the new tool racks my dear hubby made to help keep me organized!

Bluetina is a very happy bunny!


  1. It is amazing how the imput of someone else and ta few changes makes such a big difference. I have been doing something similar myself rencently. I hope you are productive in your new space.

  2. Thanks my dear! I have been making with renewed vigor today!