Monday, March 28, 2011

Wire Benders!

I am constantly in awe of artisans who can manipulate silver and copper wire into artistic masterpieces.  Here are some great examples from Jewelry Creators Unite in Numbers.

Raspberry Iris Brooch 

Just look at the detailing in this beautiful brooch from MDavisDesigns!

Angelica's Floating Heart Bracelet

This bracelet from TheasCherryBlossomBoutique is woven from wire! How clever is that?

Emerald Chalcedony Briolette

This is from TallonJewelry's studio. How does she make that look so elegant? Mine just looks untidy! I'm still practicing that skill.

Blue Green Wire Wrapped Ring

I'm still practicing this as well! JiltedRose has already perfected it, methinks!

Wire Woven Copper Hoops

I love these earrings by Spiral! Such precision! Such skill! Such patience!

Blue and White Porcelain SS Earrings

Me, I can do this! This, and variations on it. I'm still learning. These are in my Bluetinatoo studio on Artfire.

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