Saturday, July 30, 2011

Jewelry Creators Unite in Numbers

I have searched at random through the guild roster to spot unusual items from our members.

Blessed Bea Prayer Beads
Pagan prayer beads from Srega Jewellry. I haven't seen those before!

Midnight Blue Earrings
I love these beauties from Pretty Gonzo! Lovely photograph, too!

6 Strand Jade Necklace
This multi strand Jade necklace from JillsJewelry is rather luxurious!

Hot Pink Bracelet
Just look at the colour of these beads that personaloasis has used in this bracelet!

Sterling Silver Paua Shell Necklace
Epicetera has certainly gone to town on this one! Absolutely gorgeous!

Silver & Copper Shoulder Sweepers

And here is one of mine from my bluetinatoo studio. I discovered I could tilt the tripod!


  1. Lovely choices. I like the angle, much more interesting in some cases.

  2. Thank you! It's amazing the things you don't even think of until you start experimenting.

  3. gorgeous jewelry and great pictures too. ~Ginger (personaloasis)