Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Makeup Artist.......

It's Nora's turn this week! In her lovely, yummy Etsy shop, Leonora's Cosmetics, she has the most gorgeous array of mineral eye shadows and foundations I've ever seen.

They are all handmade and exceedingly high quality. The colours are something else!

Mia Mineral Eye Makeup
Ice Blue Mineral Eye Makeup

Dahlia Metallic Eye Shadow
Rosie Mineral Eye Shadow

Nora sells samples, of course, so you can find out which colours really suit you. Getting one's blusher right can be tricky!

Mineral Cheek Blush Samples

She also makes many shades of foundation.  Looks like an ice cream parlour in here, doesn't it?

Mineral Foundation

I suggest you pop over there and have a look around. A new shade of eye shadow would make an excellent gift for a girlfriend this Christmas!


  1. What a nice blog article on Nora! I agree: beautiful earthy colors!

    1. Thanks, Lise! I don't wear makeup that often these days but I could be tempted by Nora's!