Sunday, November 25, 2012

Artful Lise....

It's that time again. This week, we have the talented Lise Winne to spotlight! Her Etsy shop is filled with beautiful images of unicorns, angels, bunny rabbits and birds.

Acorn with Oak Leaves

This is an original painting by Lise. It is small at 4" x 6" but perfectly formed! I just love Lise's style.

Bunny Rabbit with Moon & Gate

Lise also sells limited edition prints of her artwork, such as this ethereal painting of a rabbit sitting by an ornate garden gate. This is one of my personal favourites!

Christmas Horse Greeting Card

Greeting cards and tags are another way one can buy Lise's work. Who wouldn't love to display this beautiful winged horse on their mantelpiece? 

Heart Trinket or Jewelry Box

Hand painted little wooden trinket boxes are yet another expression of Lise's talents. The boxes are completely hand painted and each is one of a kind. 

If I thought it wasn't going totally over the top, I'd tell you that she sings, too! Oh, I just did! Lise is in to Renaissance Music and you can purchase her CD's through her Etsy shop

A multi-talented and very interesting person is our Lise!