Saturday, May 28, 2011

Flowery Stuff!

It's time for another blog post highlighting the work of Jewelry Creators Unite in Numbers! I do like to have a theme and this time it's flowers!

NaturesGems makes some pretty nifty flower necklaces, like this rose quartz one:

How about this spectacular piece from FayeLynAdornments?

This blue rose ring from FineandDandy is very cute!

This lampwork pendant from JadJus is just covered in flowers!

In my Bluetina studio you'll find these little flowers!



  1. Tina, people have been asking about the earings I got from you! I actually gave out your website info to someone who was really taken with them!! What fairs are you going to be at? There is one on Saturday in Cabrera... are you interested? It is an evening one. Hope to connect again soon! xo Jen

  2. Hi Jennifer! Thanks for the publicity. I'll try and contact you via your blog.