Friday, May 27, 2011

Friends, Romans, Countrymen....

.....lend me your earrings!  I will make of them a special, unique, one of a kind charm bracelet, just for you!

Seriously, do you think this would go down well? I was sorting through my little box of silver oddments today, to see what I could place in my brand, spanking new tumbler and make all shiny and luscious again.  I came across so many odd silver earrings that I had an idea. You know how it is - a pair of earrings is your favourite until one of them falls out, unnoticed, and lands in the dirt.  Or in the taxi. Or on the floor of the bus. A friend of mine managed to run a single earring over with her 4 x 4 the other day!  It's not salvageable, I'm afraid.

I made a bracelet such as this just last year for a friend's 40th birthday.  This is it - terrible photograph, but it gives the idea.

After going through my own box of orphaned earrings, I realized that most of us girls must have just such a collection.  I'm thinking I might offer this service in my Bluetinatoo studio on Artfire.  I just have to work out the logistics.

Do you think people would be willing to send me their spare earrings and get them back as a bracelet? It wouldn't be dreadfully expensive. I'd have to charge for the chain, the clasp and my time, hand wrapping the charms provided.

Do let me know what you think!


  1. Love the idea. You might also have bracelets you made from earrings and let people buy the one you made but offer a discount if they send you charms, earrings etc.