Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bluetina is a wimp....

I am being a big wuss today. I am afraid of most insects - yes, I am a fully paid up, died in the wool, wimp!

Bryn has gone out for a ride on his quad and I have to nip into town for some shopping. There are grasshoppers on the back door. "So what?" I hear you say. Please refer to first paragraph - it is a big deal! I've tried opening the door a crack and banging it shut to scare them off. No dice. Most placid, laid back, zen grasshoppers it's been my misfortune to meet. I can't lock the back door and use the front because that's not the way our crazy Fort Knox system works. I have to go out the back door. Eventually.

I'm leaving it until the last possible moment just in case Bryn comes back first and can do his knight in shining armour bit.

What a wimp....

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