Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wednesday, 3rd August...

Hello, it's me again!

Daft comment really, who else would it be?!

Another busy morning not accomplishing very much, as usual. I have, however, been corresponding with my friend Jen.  She lives in Vera, about half an hour away from me and she makes soap, among other things. There is an evening market being held on the beach, every night until the end of August and Jen says it is full of Spaniards, down from Madrid on their holidays. She has a stall there and has invited me to share it for the odd evening. I'm going to try it out next week. Bryn says he must come with me though - he doesn't like to think of me alone down there with jewellery and, possibly, money as well!

Jen has a blog also. Go and visit if you like. She is writing about her recent trip to Canada and it's very interesting.

Now, I might find a couple of hours to actually make something before I do dinner!

See you later!

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