Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thursday, 4th August...

I did something today that I haven't done in a long, long while. I went out with Bryn on the quad!

Gathering of the quads in Urcal

This was quadding on a huge scale. There were seventeen vehicles (buggies and quads) and well over twenty people. We were all heading for the same destination but, despite our best efforts to stay together, a few were lost in the dust of the ramblas. We did all manage to end up at the restaurant eventually but some followed more circuitous routes than others.  We stopped for a couple of breaks along the way, one of which involved a bar.  The bar staff must have been amazed when us lot turned up! Never mind, it definitely upped the takings!

Having a break (no bar though)

When we finally reached the restaurant at the end of the universe (well, that's what it seemed like to my poor behind!), we were fed gallons of paella, salad and chips. It was the proprietor's birthday so we all sang to him. He cried. I don't know whether they were tears of joy or, perhaps, our rendition of "Happy Birthday to You" wasn't up to our usual standard. He bought us a drink anyway.

By this time I'd been out in the sun for seven hours, I was tired and dirtier than I've been for years so I persuaded Bryn it was time to go home. We fought, briefly, over the shower and I won. I feel better now!

The rest of the evening goes somewhat like this - blog post, pour large brandy, watch Torchwood and go to bed. I think I shall sleep well tonight.

See you later!

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