Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday, 1st August...

Don't get too close to your computer - I stink to high heaven. The water is off AGAIN! I'm still wearing my sloppy house dress that I use to cover my nakedness first thing in the morning, my hair is a greasy mop, I feel sweaty and dirty - I need a shower, NOW!

Of course, Murphy's Law applies in this, as in all similar situations, and we have had two lots of visitors already this morning. I felt at a distinct disadvantage with the first lot. The lady in question had never been to my house before. Indeed, I had only met her once.  It's just as well she is a down to earth sort and took it all in her stride. "Come on then, show me your jewellery!" she said.  That distracted me from my unkempt state somewhat but I didn't like to get too close!

The next lot we know pretty well and I didn't feel quite so phased but it's still difficult trying to make a pot of coffee when you need to rinse the pot and the filter but nothing is coming out of the tap.

Bryn has just informed me that Paco, our builder, is on site right now so he's going to find out what is going on. He has gone armed with his best Spanish. I wish him luck!

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