Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesday, 2nd August...

Well, the water's back on! The pressure was ridiculously low to start with but it's back up to full strength now. I'm clean! Hooray!

My friend Pam gave me a tip about a venue for displaying my jewellery so this morning I went to La Alfoquia to check it out. C.A.T. Services  do all sorts of things like post, residencia applications, translations, etc.  They have quite a large office area which is about to expand and they want to fill it with many and various items for sale. They already have pottery, yarn, ornaments, books, small furnishings and costume jewellery.  I am going to spend the next two weeks making copper jewellery to display there. I have high hopes!

I have been following the copy writing thread in the Artfire forums. I have put quite a bit of effort and brain power (such as it is!) into producing good, long descriptions for the next lot of earrings to be listed. I also tested the titles with Google's Keyword Tool. Getting found by Google is the secret to selling on line.

I listed these yesterday. One in my Bluetina studio:

SS Heart Earrings with Red Accent Beads

and this one in Bluetinatoo:

Spiral Earrings in Copper with Haematite

I shall be interested to see how they do. I posted them on my Facebook page as well but I'm not sure I get any lookers from there. We shall see!

Now I'm going to dust off my pliers and get to work!

See you later!

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